The ShOws Featuring Designer Jeremy Laing

We have been anxiously awaiting the spring shows to hit Toronto, but to tickle our tastebuds The ShOws hit our fashion circuit last week, and the four sets did not disappoint. Our spring forecast was brimmed with refined silhouettes, innovative fabrics, playful prints, sherbet palettes and artful accents. The last show to hit the catwalk was rising star Jeremy Laing, whom began learning about the business of fashion at the tender age of 13.

After sharpening his skills, and signature geometric style, Jeremy refined his tailoring and printmaking abilities through an apprenticeship with famed fashion house Alexander McQueen in London. Since then, Laing has shown his sharp and chic collections on the main stage of New York Fashion Week among others. His latest spring collection pulled inspiration from the colorful and creative 90’s era, and a beautiful source of inspiration – Malibu Sunset Beach Rave. The end result, was a range that was full of life, with sharp design details such as his prints, layers, and a boxy-and gender ambiguous silhouette.

Long hair was the theme at Laing, of course mixed with spring sorbets, pastels, and Jeremy’s custom prints that were designed in collaboration with New York City artist Julia Dault. After his set, Laing noted that the mix of genders did not affect or alter his dressing decisions by any means, but rather sizing did. The tone was set, and it came in the form of androgyny. Handsome girls, striking boys, our senses were whisked away, confused, exhilarated and utterly excited with his theme. As well, there was a subtle nod to sidewalk chalk, tiger tail ice creamed and a pin stripe composition that was reminiscent of a classic lined cahier. His exquisite range married textures, incorporated bonded chiffon linens, and creatively conjured a sonic bonding technique to fuse a mesh material on a white jersey textile with an iridescent hue after effect.

The detailed designer debuted his first ever shoe range, which featured a handful of sumptuous styles that were made in italy. Dear friend Tiffany Tuttle helped orchestrate his newest creation, and their artistic minds married monumental platforms with hand carved wooden soles, and ornate hand-painted edges. His collection was chalk full of layering and putting his pattern-making craftsmanship to the test. The geometric gestures were animated through the motions of models elegantly gracing the grounds. Laing used innovative fabrics also adding and subtracting of textures in order to ensure the integrity of his prints. Looking forward to see where this young Canadian talent will be headed.

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Story by Sarah Harris