Rodin’s Olio Russo

What is it about good branding and great packaging that just sets a product or name into your subconscious forever.  In this particular case, the first time I was introduced to Rodin – I just fell  in love with whatever it was – not even caring really what it was…I just loved the look of the bottles…the slickness and black and white simplicity. I love simplicity.

Now when I found out that Rodin was a natural brand, now I just about panicked. No more is “natural” associated with “granola” and thank goodness for that. You see, Linda Rodin founded the line of products truly by chance.  Miss Rodin used to be a stylist and editor at Harper’s Bazaar and was always privy to the most luxurious beauty products on the market. But then the funniest thing happened…she did not ever feel satisfied with all these expensive and extensive skincare products. Not only this, but they were all (and still are) very toxic.

From then on she set out to create her own natural recipes with a base of essential oils and yummy ingredients that truly our skin craves. I say this from experience as I too was brought to creating my own products to cure my baby’s eczema. What we put on our skin is serious stuff and has a dramatic effect on our wellbeing short and long term.

So once this magical potion was made, Linda Rodin would share it with her friends and they would all come back for more…and more…and more. And the rest is history. One thing that I admire more about Ms. Rodin’s personality is just her simplistic view on beauty, and style – that truly there is no reason to fuss so much on how many different products you need to slap on your skin and face everyday. Like me, she keeps things basic – and only wears her skin oils and a nice shade of lipstick.

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Story by Ashley Allwood | KA MAGAZINE Fashion Editor