We live in a world where almost every single item worn by the people you see, is made or produced somewhere overseas – and more precisely, in Asia. With poor working conditions and very low salary for workers, this sort of production facilities are nowhere what we would visualize as a “high-end” setting for our treasured wardrobes. Denim is no exception to this rule, well – until now. At KA we believe that true luxury is found not on a label or brand equity, but in the integrity and authenticity of an experience – from start to finish.

Upon walking down Mercer street in Soho, you will see a remodeled off-white storefront with a black lettered sign “3×1”. It will not be flashy, and it will not be big – but we assure you that you should definitely walk in. Within these walls you will be re-introduced to the vast and beautiful world of denim and fall in love all over again. First you will notice the 3×1“great wall”, or in other words: the world’s largest collection of selvedge denim. Hundreds of fabrics (many of them exclusive to the brand) are sourced from the rarest mills and selvedge looms around the world and on display at 3×1 for all of us to choose from.

If that is not enough to get you in the vibe, as you walk through the space you will probably do a double-take when you see the pristine sewing area and realize that the pieces are acrually created custom-made for each invidual directly in their in-house New York shop / atelier. Talk about luxury : custom jeans – made in Soho. The idea was dreamed up by designer Scott Morison who’s mission was to create the very best custom-denim experience and final products for each of his modern city-dwelling clients.

A glass enclosed factory, 400 different denim fabrics to choose from – and bespoke jeans, its time to visit 15 Mercer.

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