In a society where stress has become as ever-present as our own shadows, it seems that we are always on the lookout for relief; either in the form of mental clarity and calm or a simple cure to our (many) stress-related physical woes. While chant- ing “Serenity Now” may not do the trick, Brooklynites definitely have the upper hand. Their secret weapon? Treatment by LANSHIN in Williamsburg, New York.

Warm and understated with an upscale appeal, the Treatment by LANSHIN wellness studio is an oasis amongst the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple. Chock full of instruments and treat- ments that aim to “re-pattern bodies and minds to vibrate with brilliance and vitality”, the specialists at LANSHIN use ancient healing technologies and methodologies that go beyond merely easing pain.

Senior Acupuncturist and Studio Director Sandra Lanshin Chiu is intimately acquainted with the role stress can play with our lives. Having worked gruelling hours in the Finance industry for years, it took a severe injury to open her eyes to the healing properties of Chinese acupuncture and drove her to start her own healing journey. Now, with the help of a brilliant team of experts, she provides acupuncture, skincare, massage, and nu- trition treatments as well as Chinese herbs, immune boosters, skincare samplers and skin rehab.

We all know the importance of taking a moment to ‘smell the roses’, so to speak, but how often do we heed that advice? Fortunately for us, Treatment By LANSHIN is more than a spa or wellness centre – it is a ticket to peace of mind. Read on for our interview with founder, Sandra Lanshin.


What initially made you turn to traditional Chinese medicine and other alternative methods when you were looking to heal yourself? Was this something you always had an interest in?

My first significant experience with Chinese medicine was with a healing master from China who practised a form of medical qi-gong bodywork. I was drawn to the way people described his methods as life-changing – not just that it “worked” but that it literally took them from a place of hopelessness, pain and anxiety to a lightness that re- invigorated their body as well as their experience of life. When do you ever hear anyone describing a visit with their M.D. like that, or a course of pharmaceutical drugs like that? I wanted relief from pain, and I wanted to feel that profound sense of being turned back on at a time when I was stuck in a serious rut. So alternative healing was the clear choice over a prescription or a pharmaceutical.

How did the LANSHIN team come to be? Was it organic (simply like-minded individuals coming together) or did you have a specific vision or focus in mind?

Very consciously I put together and continue to build the Lanshin team. I am known for setting the bar high on qual- ity so I look for healers and practitioners who are very gift- ed, have an undeniable passion for their work and helping those in need – and who are inspired by innovating and forging new paths in the field of health and wellness. I was first a client of most of the practitioners on my team first, and was so impressed that I began courting them to work with me as a team. We learn from each other and as a result come to our client work with so much more power and so many more tools.

Make time for pleasure, it’s an important vitamin. It lifts the spirits, which elevates the vitality of the body. Define some things that would delight and please you and make sure you do more of those things in your days and weeks.

Be a good sleeper. If you value your health (and your beauty) you must value your sleep. Make sure you sleep through the night and feel rested in the mornings. Get help if you don’t, there are many factors that cause dis- turbed sleep. Work less not more. Take more time to be still and rest. The secret is not in doing more, but in doing less. Being productive is not what gives you your value and worth in life. Being the best you does…and for that naps and quiet meditation really helps. Make sure your gut health is golden. It’s hard to have good health if your digestion or elimination is shady. Regular gas, bloating, frequent constipation/diarrhea, acid reflux are not normal.

If you have these things get help. Move. Your body is de- signed and built to move, not sit for hours working. Being stationary for long periods does not a happy body make. Dance, swim, walk, stretch, whatever gives you pleasure and gets you going. Oops that’s six.


Any suggestions of your top 5 favourite places to experience in New York?
After 15 years in this crazy city, I’ve come to really love my home space above all because it’s where I’m the most relaxed. I love being out of the fray. But as for other places that your readers could enjoy here is a list of places I love for their beautiful space, relaxation potential and/or deli- cious nutritious foods:

The Green Market in Union Square: I love coming here and taking in the beauty of the seasonal produce grown consciously with love by farmers from the countryside. It’s so relaxing and satisfying to get some of that country en- ergy in the middle of the NYC hustle bustle.

Sprout Home in Williamsburg: I live a block away from this beautiful space that sells flowers, plants and gorgeous things for the home. Just taking a walk through this place and imagining owning everything they sell (and having a gorgeous space to display it all!) is so fun and relaxing. Bohemian, downtown NYC: a cute, tucked away little res- taurant downtown that serves delicious Japanese food, and is usually full but never packed and still quiet enough that you can comfortably catch up with friends without shouting.

Williamsburg / Greenpoint waterfront: There are still un- developed and relatively unpopulated areas along the waterfront that are overgrown and neglected, yet indus- trial. This is of course changing quickly with the popularity of these neighborhoods. But I love empty, quiet places like this – especially at sunrise and sunset, when the view out toward the city is absolutely breathtaking.

Marlow and Daughters (and Sons), Williamsburg: A butch- er shop and food store that is as all should be. I hate going to big markets where the experience of buying food feels so impersonal and factory like. Marlow and Daughters is this cute, intimate space with a well curated selection of high quality meat, produce and other food goods. I feel like its weird that this kind of thing excites me so much, but it does.

Bakeri Café in Williamsburg: The cutest little café with the best pastries made with love and good coffee and teas. Really good salads too. Plus, an adorable garden out back. Great to meet up with a friend over a quick snack and cappuccino.

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