Art + Energy: Artist Ryan Keeley

Recently lauded as ‘one of the next generation of innovators’, Ryan Keeley is an NYC based artist with a very distinctive style. As a self described artist, designer and art director, Ryan believes he is “a conduit and rep of energy to express all different elements that encompass daily life” and that philosophy certainly flows through to his art, making for a gritty, urban and always experimental artistic approach.

Though The Keeley Gallery on 352 Bowery street focuses mainly on his own art, Ryan has worked on a multitude of collaborative projects with other artists including music videos, reality TV shows and fashion events. While these projects are a testament to his creative chops, his versatility leaps off the canvases of his own paintings as well, providing the viewer with a sensory experience unlike any other.

Although his work can be anything from paintings to sculptures to designing surfboards, a lot of his art can best be described as a ‘mixture of photography and abstract expressionism’. A mixed media genius, Ryan takes provocative and interesting photographs of his subjects (anything from sexy female models to rap artists) and paints over them, creating what he likes to call ‘photo remixes’. Ryan is an expert at bringing an extra layer of dimension and intrigue to his paintings and we can’t wait to see more!


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Story by Dayana Cadet, KA MAGAZINE