Maison de Ville CK06

“Eco-Friendly” and “High Tech” may sound oxymoronic when mentioned in the same sentence but within the same house they have an incredible synergy. Pablo Katz takes the best of both worlds and uses these elements to create the sleek, modern and entirely environmentally friendly Maison de Ville CK06 in Paris.

Located in Paris’s 20th arrondissement, the 2,690 square foot house includes top-ofthe-line technology and earth-friendly features. Wanting to create a house that is ‘in tune with its time’ yet still a cut above the rest, Pablo set out to use technology to his advantage in order to facilitate his unerring commitment to sustainability. His aim was to “Optimize to reduce, recycle to consume better, make it last to preserve.” A pioneer in sustainable development, Pablo has been incorporating an environmental approach to his projects for well over a decade. He takes everything into account. Sparing no expense, he outfitted the home with features such as a condensing boiler and solar panels, low temperature heated floors, bio-electrical wiring and wastewater recycling.

As for the decor, the interior is kept understated yet chic with splashes of floral colour or vibrant prints. Furnishing are relatively streamlined and an all-black laundry room lends a modern edge. A bright red stacked staircase and “perforated” detailing on an outer wall add a touch of whimsy. And the cherry on top? A beautiful, green, rooftop terrace with a 360-degree view of Paris.

Proving technology need not be sterile and being eco-friendly doesn’t mean being an enemy to style, La Maison CK06 is an example of what pure goodness can come out when both worlds collide.

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Story by Dayana Cadet | KA MAGAZINE