Located in Wentworth-Nord, Quebec, L’Écran House is a minimalist home created by Quebecois architecture firm Alain Carle Architect. Completed just last year, the home has a gorgeously linear appeal and is surrounded by nature.

The most striking feature of the home is, of course, the black brick exterior which combined with the wooden interior gives off a much homier feel than one would expect. In addition to the sharp contrast to its surroundings, the black exterior also has heat absorbent qualities, effectively cutting down on the energy use of the house.

Another amazing quality of L’Écran House is how fragmented yet unified each component of it is. The combination of opposing materials (warm, brown wood, the aforementioned black brick, stone and stark white walls) seem to compartmentalize each sector of the home. However, each textile is unified in their undeviating qualities (straight lines across the board). Simple, modern decor is the perfect cherry on top of this architectural sundae.

Though shrouded by undoubtedly beautiful scenery, L’Écran House most definitely holds its own. More of a sculpture than it is a residence, we think it is safe to say Alain Carle and his team have hit the ball out of the park with this one.

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Story by Dayana Cadet  | EH1 EH7 EH2 EH8 EH9 EH5 EH6 KA Magazine