What happens when you design a building from the inside out – with spaces that are imagined and created specifically for the resident’s enjoyment. To have these seamlessly married, hand-in-hand, with nature is the definition of true luxury. This is the case of Jade Signature, the soon-to-be crystal tower rising fifty-seven stories over Sunny Isle Beach in Miami. Truly a result of what is being described as ‘unprecedented artistry’, the Jade Signature evolutionary high-rise by Fortune International, owes its architectural integrity to the masterminds at Herzog & de Meuron (creators of 1000 Lincoln Road). And, its smooth contemporary furnishings, to interior designer Pierre-Yves Rochon, as well as its organic and naturalistic landscape, to Raymond Jungles. With amenities like a resort deck, worldwide concierge service and a whole spa level dedicated simply to the art of relaxation (just to name a few), it is clear that the minds behind the Jade Signature wholly embrace the notion of “living evolved”.
With its harmonious form, great attention to detail and luxury-level service, there is no denying that Jade Signature’s contemporary house in the sky, is a completely thoughtful (and thought-provoking) approach to residential living.

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