KA MAGAZINE opens the first KASPACE concept shop in Toronto

KA MAGAZINE Founder Kevin Allwood, opens the first KASPACE concept retail shop in Toronto, Canada.

Allwood Gallery of Modern Art (A.G.O.M.A.), KA Bookshop, Ethical Fashion, Lifestyle Boutique and Cafe – Leslieville, Toronto.



In 2009, the first issue of KA MAGAZINE was created and published by fashion designer and artist Kevin Allwood, as a coffee table book meets magazine, luxury publication. The goal was, and still is, to explore a world of beauty while cultivating a culture of sustainability and awareness through business and creative collaborations worldwide.

Since the creation of KA, Kevin Allwood’s vision has been to expand the print magazine into a live retail experience in which the viewer is immersed in the world of KA. In 2015, this vision came to life with the opening of KASPACE, a “concept shop” union between culture and commerce, promoting slow shopping and reflecting wellness, creativity and lifestyle over object acquisition.

Located at 185 Carlaw Avenue in Toronto, KASPACE is home to the Allwood Gallery of Modern Art (A.G.O.M.A.), KA Bookshop, Ethical Fashion, Lifestyle Boutique and coming soon, KA Cafe. The industrial space has been completely reimagined and designed by Kevin Allwood to be a hub of creativity and inspiration in a world where he believes retail is in need of a re-birth.

“It is time to make something different, to create a space that arouses all the sense: taste, touch, sound, sight and love. A space where one feels good inside and out. Holistic, Ethical, Sustainable. Fashion, Music, Art, Cafe – such a space is possible. ” – Kevin Allwood

KASPACE – 185 Carlaw Avenue, Toronto