When I started designing over 28 years ago, I wanted to create clothing with wood for many reasons; the biggest being my name: Kevin Allwood. I envisioned a beautiful wooden skirt or a bustier created and formed out of the softest birch or maple. I love wood, actually the touch, the silkiness and the complete uniqueness of the grains.

Imagine when we found CJY: This Central Saint Martins graduate, has gone where others only dream. Her collection entitled, “Wood Be” is inspired and inspiring. In the designer’s own words, “Each of the unique pieces represent my personal impression of the ideal woman who “wood be” the arrogant and limpid poets and they seem to be hidden into my protection (garments) subtly some- times.” What exactly that means, is definitely locked nicely in the designers mind, but one thing is for sure, her creations are as unique as the grain on the material they are crafted.

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