Inspiration from flowers on a wall, biker gangs and the Japanese mantra “Sonomama” (as you are), we find ourselves obliged to stare at the Fall-Winter 2013 collection in awe. The collection embodies, in the words of Lim, “coming back to who you are or who you should be. It’s like exploring yourself, it’s a life circle.”

The Women’s collection is a blend of textures and colors creating perfect separates essential for every avant-garde it-girl’s wardrobe. Idyllically accessorized with leather cross-body bags, metallic sunglasses and footwear exhibiting the same aura, the looks are the quintessence of effortless chic. The Men’s collection is no different: the textures just as bold but a more subdued color pallet where it is all in the subtleties and we discover the true craftsmanship of the designer. On both accounts, structured jackets and coats make a lasting impression and the Phillip Lim 3-1 Fall-Winter 2013 Man and Woman make for a considerable power couple.

There you have it- the partners, girlfriends or lovers of the Racer Generation, as defined by the designer himself, Phillip Lim.

A Look at the Fall / Winter Campaign

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 Story by Margaux Cousineau, KA Magazine