WMCFW : Matthew Gallagher

Once again, Matthew Gallagher never fails to represent the modern woman with his simple yet sensual designs. This time around, Matthew showed off his darker side as models glided down the runway in dark lips, bedhead and sultry gowns.

With a palette of off-whites leading into rich darks, Matthew’s looks are expertly tailored to the body. Skimming the figure just so, each dress accents every asset while diminishing every (admittedly non-existent) flaw. Ultra-deep V’s and exposed shoulders come across as glamourous rather than cheap and I was delighted to see more of Matthew’s signature unconventional shapes and panels cut into the fabric.

After watching model after model self-confidently strut down the runway to a playlist of subdued electronic music I started to get the feeling that this new unencumbered woman that walks with such ease she appears to be floating must be the older sister of Matthew’s Spring 2014 collection. While Matthew’s last show was all pink and demure, this season had a devil-may-care attitude evocative of a rich society girl during a wild night out.

Beautifully cut gowns were not the only thing in Matthew’s bag of tricks however, as we were introduced to cute fur chokers, gorgeous capes and this season ever-prevalent cropped sweater and flirty skirt combo. A little 30’s glamour with a bit of a 90’s flair, the Matthew Gallagher woman is my kinda gal.

Another thing that struck a cord with me is how much of a genius Matthew is in his simplicity. Not only was each garment exquisitely made but a good amount of separates meant that each piece could be mixed and matched in a way that not only transcends styles but age as well. It was like if you squinted just a little, you could see both a young debutante and a powerful CEO rocking each outfit.

Though we may never uncover all of the secrets behind how Matthew Gallagher manages to make prim and proper look so cool, we can still rejoice in his clean and feminine aesthetic that proves looking like a Nice Young Lady can be a very fashionable affair.

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Story by Dayana Cadet | KA MAGAZINE