Swedish brand Filippa K was founded by Filippa Knutsson with one simple principle: “I set out to build a brand with substance and truth, not dependent on the superficial trends of the fashion industry.” With this mission deeply rooted in the brand’s philosophy, Filippa K is now taking that next step towards a more sustainable way of creating global fashion; a courageous and important step in this world of over-consumption.

“Long Lasting Simplicity” is a Mantra that is guiding the brand’s new holistic path, in a way that they are able to create based on two main concepts : The Curated Wardrobe and Circular Design. Filippa K believes that a perfect wardrobe is simple and balanced rather than excessive, and I couldn’t be more in agreement. One should invest in clothing of great quality, and in the end, have less, but can last forever. We should be able to add to this wardrobe over-time, and have it evolve, not changed every season with the latest trends.

Filippa K supports this way of life by now offering their clients a way to return their used garments to one of their stores so the clothing can be given a second life, through “Filippa K second hand”. They also offer the option for clients to lease with “Filippa K Lease” and recycle their collection with “Filippa K Collect”, which are completely new concepts and is drastically evolving and assisting in excessive consumption through their commitment to reusing, recycling, reducing and repairing.

Their second goal towards long lasting simplicity, is creating based on Circular Design. Filippa K understands that the road to sustainability is one of learning and is a long term mission for such a global brand with hundreds of products. With this in mind, they have begun a new sustainable series of garments, called “Front Runners”,  a collection of three elegant items that are crafted from 100% natural Tencel fibres. The designers have thought of every part of the process – from the threads to the hang tags. They followed their products all the way from the cotton fields through production, to get to know the entire process of the eco-textile craft. Filippa K’s goal is, to one by one, change the way each garment is produced, so that by year 2030, every single garment by the brand will be created with sustainable Circular Design.

Another massively important factor in fashion, is sustainable materials and this is a core priority for the brand. Most of the fabrics used in the collections now are selected with this is mind, and their goal is by 2013 to source and use only 100% sustainable fibres.  Fabrics such as Tencel, Silk, Linen, Organic Cotton, Wool and recycled materials are some of their favourite sustainable materials. As the fashion industry expands in the production of sustainable fibres and cloth, Filippa K will have the option to source and use high quality materials. Everything is hand in hand, as global ethical fashion production is truly just being born and at the very beginning of a long exciting journey.

I believe that sustainable, ethical and cruelty free fashion is the future. There is no other way about it and as a global citizens, we need to be aware of this truth and support the brands who are making a conscious effort to change, and effectively opposing the industry norms. Just as the food we choose to ingest has tremendous effect on ourselves and the planet, so does the clothing we choose to buy and wear. There is an inspiring evolution in eco-conscious fashion, and Filippa K is on a mission to be a leader in this new paradigm shift. Remember, less is always  more.

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Written by Ashley King, Holistic Editor / KA Magazine


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