Patisserie Antoine: A Total Gem

If, like most people, you have an insatiable appetite for sweets, than the concept for Patisserie Antoine will sound like a dream come true. A collaboration between Spanish creative studio, atelie*r and the French interior architects at Bereal, this bakery is designed to look exactly like a high-end jewellery boutique. Now THIS, is our kind of bakery!

Based in Bordeaux (France), the premise behind the space is to merchandise delectable (and assuredly palatable) confectionaries as magnificent gems. The sleek and sophisticated atmosphere is punctuated by long, refrigerated displays placed along the black and white walls at eye-level. Stainless steel mirrors add further dimension and ensure that each mouth-watering treat is visible from all angles. More delicious pastries are placed on a smattering of smooth, round, wooden display columns around the centre of the shop.

A clever combination of food design and architecture allows shoppers to experience sweets in a whole new way. The dazzlingly bright, crystal clarity of the interior combined with the use of pure, geometric shapes further drives home the point that this is nothing like your quaint neighbourhood bakery, offering you goods via a simple glass casing.

Seeing dessert as “jewels to the palate”, the designers thought it only fitting to create this scintillatingly contemporary space, showcasing all of the ways in which chocolate truly is a girl’s best friend.

Patisserie Antoine Patisserie Antoine Patisserie Antoine Patisserie Antoine Patisserie Antoine Patisserie Antoine Patisserie Antoine

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Story by Dayana Cadet | KA MAGAZINE