What is it about stunning girls in black skin-tight bodysuits riding a black Duccati to a black helicopter, then proceeding to jump from afore-mentioned helicopter into open ocean while speeding matte black yacht (only one in the world anchored off Monte Carlo) cruises by to collect bathing suit clad passenger, wrapping her wet body in a plush black towel… What is it about this scene that is so dammed hot? Everything. But wait, if this is not enough, the fact that the girl in-mention is none other than the lovely and talented Ms. Feldman, now that is thermometer blowing hot! See for yourself. If you were wondering, I did not make up the previous scenario, check out Donna in her recent appearance as Visa┬« Black Card girl. Our vote for the next Bond girl is right here and with the article on the Aston Martin Amv10, KA Magazine has literally taken out the guess work from the next Bond movie.

DONNA FELDMAN, Photographed by Paul Schefz


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