Eriksson Architects: Mentougou Eco Valley

‘mentougou eco valley’ by eriksson architects, mentougou, china
images courtesy of eriksson architects

helsinki-based studio, eriksson architects has completed their proposal for
‘mentougou eco valley’ in mentougou, china, a municipality located sixty
kilometers west of beijing. the masterplan, currently awaiting approval from
the chinese government would become an eco-silicon valley of sorts, filled
with diverse contemporary structures that experiment with new materials,
technologies and forms.

Spanning 28 square kilometers, the development includes nine environmental
research institutes and companies, one city center and several smaller residential
villages. influenced by the surrounding landscape, the design would become an
ecological urban area for some 50,000 inhabitants.

Planned in collaboration with finnish ecological experts eero paloheimo eco city,
the masterplan combines modern science and innovation with an environmentally
friendly and eco-efficicent outlook. positioned in a unique buffer zone protected
by the mountains from noise and pollution, the development aims to maximize the
potential of the land with a focus on housing and services.

Learning from both the successes and failures of other eco cities, such as huangbaiyu,
masdar and dong tan, the city will be capable of producing all of its own water, returning
biological nutrients back into natural circulation, and boosting local agriculture.

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