Chris Smith – Best of Canada Artist Manager

When is a manager doing a great job? We think it would be when that manager manages to build the careers of his or her client while keeping a healthy low pro. If the list of talented people, both in entertainment and sports is any indication, Chris Smith is definitely doing a great job and one worthy of being chosen as Best of Canada 2010.

KA — When we look at your resume, it seems that it must be humanly impos- sible to do as much as you do. However you seem to do it with seeming ease, what’s your secret?

CS — I surround myself with great people and I try to spend quality time doing quality things.

KA — Everyone seems to believe, or want to believe that “it” is easy; that others always have it easier than they do, and that’s why that person reached some sort of success. I think that somewhere along the line, someone always had to give us a hand up, who was that “someone” for you?

CS — I believe the team I surround myself with at any given point in my career is responsible for assisting me in getting me to the next level.

KA — In order to manage the careers of others, what is the most useful char- acter trait to have?

CS — Being an active listener.

KA — KA Magazine has voted you Best of Canada 2010, one of the reasons was to create more awareness of the person behind the scenes; the necessary one that by design is over-looked but completely necessary in the success of the client. Why do you think that in general the people in your profession keep such a low profile?

CS — It is important to keep a low profile, as you never want your personal ego or attitude to transfer to your clients’ goodwill.

KA — If you could have a clone, what would he be doing as a job?

CS — He will be doing interviews and sleeping for me.

KA — What motivates you on a daily basis to do your best, even when there is no one else seeing it?

CS — Providing for my family and knowing that I have people’s dreams in my hands.

KA — How important is family to you?

CS — I love my family and I want to make them proud.

KA — What music is on your playlist?

CS — Candi Staton and all my artists.

KA — What single act of kindness have you witnessed recently that brought a smile to your face?

CS — Witnessing my mother’s volunteer work in her town.

KA — Tell us something about Chris that we need to know?

CS — I am a dreamer and it takes me a while to accept reality.

KA — Who is Chris?

CS — Honestly, I am not completely sure who I am. My only

certainty is what I want to do.