Catskill Mountain House : WOW

Not to be mistaken for the historic Catskill Mountain House hotel near Palenville NY, the Catskill Mountain House in West Shokan NY by architecture firm Audrey Matlock is truly something to behold. The perfect amalgamation of nature and architecture, this ultra-modern abode goes beyond the concept of a traditional family home and acts as a natural extension between its contemporary indoors and ‘the great outdoors’.

The brilliant minds at Audrey Matlock believe that a building’s success is “determined by its ability to enhance the activities that take place within it”. We believe the opposite also rings true in the case of Catskill Mountain House. That is to say, every element of this residence is enhanced by the surrounding terrain and in turn magnifies the beauty in the nature that surrounds it. The white framework and interior casts a striking contrast against the greens and blues of the outdoors, while the jagged mountain slopes are emphasized against the large, angular structure. Not to be outdone by Mother Nature herself, this stylish home is filled with creature comforts; a sprawling terrace, a luxurious infinity pool and both an indoor and outdoor fireplace add an element of warmth to the otherwise cool and sophisticated house. However, the floor-to-ceiling windows and exceptional panoramic deck allows for a stunningly scenic view, not to mention an endless supply of sunlight. When not taking in their superb surroundings, residents of this nearly 40,000 square foot space can retreat into a simplistic, black, white, and grey interior complete with heated and polished concrete floors, slate accent walls and ebony ash cabinetry.

Who knew that such a stridently geometric place could look so at home amongst the unrefined countryside of upstate New York?

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Story by Dayana Cadet, KA MAGAZINE