When we come across a rare find and one from our very own city, we stop in our tracks to notice. Case in point, Mr. Major; also known as, Noan Major.

To be a professional artist and not only survive, but live abundantly through your craft, is no easy feat. Receiving recognition during your existence on this planet and not once you’ve passed, is also, an exceptional accomplishment. And managing to live in two prodigious cities such as New York and Montreal, is a blessing to be grateful for. Noan is an artist by all accounts. He is a painter, photographer, sculptor, creative director, singer, and the list goes on. The man has it going on and his passions run deep. From his phenomenal artwork to his ancient yoga meditative practices, it is no wonder his name is Major.

Among his many accomplishments, most recently, he was chosen to represent Canada at the ArtHub Gallery in Abu Dhabi, UAE; showcasing his exhibit “The Measurement of Time” on March 25th, 2014 – alongside fellow Montreal artists, Sylvain Tremblay and Tommy Zen.  The exposition is said to explore the study of light and geometrical orders of the Universe, “revealing a new map of the world.” And no doubt, revealing his enlightened soul. The pieces are mystical and vibrant with colour; they have depth, both visually and intrinsically.  And if we had to describe the collection in words, it would be like stepping into a world of mystic discovery and divine feeling; forcing you to ask questions and if you dare, even to dream.

Noan has managed to create a life of beauty & inspiration, as if like a blanket with which he wraps himself. His world is no ordinary one; and if it’s true that your world is a manifestation of what is in your mind, then what says this of the mind of Noan Major. Well read on for some rare insight..

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KA : Noan, you are an internationally renowned artist; can you tell us a little about being chosen to represent Canada at the ArtHub Gallery in Abu Dhabi. 

NM: It is through The Canadian Embassy of Dubai and the University of Canada in Dubai, that I have received the honor to represent Canada in Abu Dhabi; located in the United Arab Emirates. It is a great opportunity for me to connect with this nation and to see for myself what’s really going on in this part of the world. It is also a great career opportunity to be in this great emerging market. I had the chance to make good friends there and paint, meditate, make music and teach yoga in the desert.

KA : From all the mediums of art that you explore: photography, paint, film, design; is there one that you feel most compelled to do. 

NM: Each medium influences and complements one another. Everything is about the vibration of the moment. Photography and painting are my favorite instruments though.

KA : Your work is incredible, diverse..unpredictable. How would you define yourself as an artist, in one word.

NM: Thank you for the compliment.”Seeker” is the word. I am above all a truth and balance seeker. Art is only a tool to express my journey on this planet and make it a positive experience, for my surrounding and I.

KA: Do you follow a specific process when developing your art? Tell us about your methods of madness.

NM: There is no specific process. I either paint a photograph or shoot a painting or a film I did, then print it and paint it back again…I can loop this process up to 5 times before I am satisfied with the end result. Madness indeed.

KA: For those that may not know, you are also a singer and songwriter. What inspired you to move in this direction, or was it more like a drift.

NM: Music and Art are simply different mediums, to express a same uplifting message and canalize my emotions. My first love was music, art naturally, came later on. They both need each other, like a river needs water. Music is my wife. Art is my lover and sometimes it’s the other way around.

KA: New York, a.k.a. concrete jungle. Tell us a little about your attraction to this major metropolitan city.

NM: Rad thinkers, are countless in the big apple. I have many good friends in the NYC health and art scene. You can deeply connect with many great people everyday there, if you open your eyes and your heart. The energy is really motivating to make things happen. The lack of trees and fresh air, can be hard on your soul though. When I am there, it’s important for me to escape to the country or beach side, at lease once a week; and touch the earth with my bare feet.

KA: Your name is captivating and intriguing. What is your ancestry, and does it play a role in your multi-dimensional world. 

NM: Noan means ”The bringer of Peace” or ”To appease”. Many nations are running into my veins, but there are no lines on my map. I have no flags to rise up and no color to be proud. I am simply a global citizen. We all originate from the same seed, in my opinion. I associate myself with the human race, especially with kids, the real gurus.

KA: You have an entire day to yourself, to do and create anything; or the opposite, to spend it in complete stillness. How would you spend this rare day of solitude.

NM: Solitude is where you can deeply discover, who you really are. Most of my days are made of it. I like to alternate between meditation by the fire or by the sea; and create, write or play music. I also dedicate time every day to study or brainstorm with uplifting minds, about solutions for a better world.

KA: Here is a globe, spin it around and land anywhere your heart desires – where would that be.

NM: I feel good everywhere I am. My skin is my home. All I need is to be surrounded by good people, a lot of kids and animals; connect with the elements and have access to pure, natural, spring water. My next physical trips are Tulum and Asia.

KA: How important is charity & change in your reality.

NM: I have the chance to be involved in an international conversation with some of the top scientists, economist, lawyers, health practitioners and artists around the globe. We are experts, dedicated to the creation of a new earth nation. We are manifesting logical and practical solutions, to free the world, from corporate domestication. We are rapidly creating a new system, a new reality, reconnecting and rediscovering who we really are. We are investigating free energy, permaculture, natural building, new technologies and creating off the grid lands. I am also a health practitioner and support a lot of people in their journey to get back on their feet physically, mentally and spiritually. I am not always receiving money for my time and expertise. Energy is the new currency.

KA: You have a deep appreciation for yoga, herbalism, science; and a fascination for modern and ancient wisdom. Can you shed a little light on this side of Noan Major.

NM: Everything about health and finding our true origin, is my first and real passion. My immune system has been destroyed many times by antibiotics in my twenties. Yoga was not enough to cure my repetitive sinuses problems, for I didn’t understand yoga deeply enough yet. 6 years ago I had no choice to find alternative solutions, to the pharmaceutical controlled industry. I was sick of being sick and tired of being tired. Nutrition, medicinal mushrooms and the study of structured water, literally saved my life; along with positive thinking techniques and grounding technology. Modern and Ancient wisdom? hum, that could be a long conversation. Let’s simply say, that I should have started my theological and esoteric quest by studying Egyptian religion; before reading The Bible, The Coran, The vedas and the Oupanishad. That being said, there is a lot of information and disinformation out there. I naturally, became a journalist of knowledge; and detached myself, from my own belief system. I would love to have access to the secret library in the Vatican, where the books of Alexandria are probably hidden; not burned as ”history” wants us to believe.

KA: Do people often ask, “how do you do so much?” and if so, how do you respond.

NM: Passion is a machine you can’t stop.

KA: Do you have any daily rituals you would be willing to share.

NM: Indeed, I have many daily healing art rituals; such as martial yoga, mediation and breathing techniques …. Some people think I am better than I am though. Quote; ”You are so zen”. Ya right! I am in fact the biggest emotional junky on the planet. What is the difference between a drug addict and me? I chose Life. Happiness is like a flower. You need to water, it every day. It needs a lot of discipline and patience to find and maintain a healthy balance in today’s world. Fortunately there is more and more creative and positive people out there, waking up from the collective so called reality. Art is a powerful therapy.

KA: Who is Noan Major the man, vs. Noan Major the artist. 

NM: What you see is what you get. No games. I’m the same dude all the time. Another human, on the big blue ball. The only places that I am a bit different are in my dreams and in deep meditative states. I’d love to be able to reproduce the visions and colors I see in them; but I still don’t have access to the right technology yet, to reproduce it. I’d love to have access to the hidden technologies, kept secret from the mainstream; by the army and the elite of this world. One of the things I love the most about being an Artist, is that I can fit with any ”caste’’ of society. I can sit on the ground and eat with my hands with the ”lower class’’; or eat with a silver fork with billionaires and super stars. I relate to people, because I see beyond their status or titles. I see people for who they really are; humans, or ”animated earth” in native American language. If money finally stopped to exist, as many economists are predicting; we will have no choice to see each other, for who we really are. Another thing I like about being an artist, is that you can almost say what ever you want. There is some stuff though I should keep silent about, if I don’t wanna get shot hahaha 😉 But we can talk about it off record around a good dinner, if you are willing to eat with your hands; sitting on the ground!


More at www.noanmajor.com

Story by Diana Eskander | KA MAGAZINE