Zaha Hadid’s Superyacht

The concept: Unique Circle Yachts. Six yachts, comprising of one 420-foot “Mothership” that serves as the main design with five smaller 295-foot vessels based off of it. Designed by renowned architect Zaha Hadid in collaboration with German shipbuilders Blohm + Voss, this ‘Superyacht’ is sure to blow the competition out of the water.

Iraqi-British “Starchitect” Zaha Hadid is well known for her exceedingly creative and often groundbreaking work. Certainly not one to think inside the box (or anywhere even remotely near it for that matter), Zaha has decided to delve into marine architecture with yet another extraordinary design. Winner of the 2004 Pritzker Architecture Prize, Zaha is the mastermind behind a slew of important landmarks around the world and in fact, will be designing the Olympic stadium in Tokyo for the 2020 Olympics. .

Sinewy and almost extraterrestrial in design, the impressive yacht is inspired by underwater ecosystems and fluid dynamics but doesn’t stray too far from Zaha’s signature elongated and curving aesthetic. This can be seen by the undulating beams and smooth, soft lines incorporated into the unyielding and powerful structure. Whilst the exterior is all naturalistic curves, the interior can best be described as ‘opulent minimalism’ — white, open and airy but with a larger-than-life effect. A wonderful balancing act between design and practicality, both the exterior and interior flow into each other quite naturally. Zaha assures that each yacht is engineered with only the highest levels of comfort, spatial quality and safety.

Though the yacht business has taken a considerable hit in recent years, manufacturers are once more looking to differentiate themselves amidst the reinvigorated market. With 200 new billionaires created last year alone, we’re positive those in the know will be clamouring to obtain this winner of an acquisition. They’d be crazy not to!

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Story by Dayana Cadet, KA MAGAZINE