YabuPushelberg is a cool name right! It is one of those names that, when you hear it, you are not quite sure if it is a phrase that is made for a product or if it is something that you have not been privy to, since you might not have been cool enough to be in the know.

YabuPushelberg is the real name of two very real men, who have been designing worldwide for the last 30 years. They are creators of some of the world’s most timeless and artistically beautiful retail shops, hotels and restaurants. With offices in New York and Toronto, George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg, seem to be the designers for most all of the spaces, that KA has been looking at for this the design issue. The inquires run a bit like this.

Q. Who did the Four Seasons in Toronto…
Q. Four Seasons Tokyo
Q. The ST.Regis Hotel, San Fransisco and Bal Harbour Q. Bergdorf Goodman
Q. Louis Vuitton Hong Kong
Q. Lane Crawford Home Hong Kong
Q. Avenue Road furniture (Toronto)
Q. The Hazelton (Toronto)

Ans.: Yabupushelberg.

The Canadian design firm also recently redesigned Le Printemps department store in Paris which was originally built in 1865. Yabupushelberg’s vision for the iconic department store, was centered around the opening up of the spacious lift shaft, the symbolic passageway between the heritage of Le Printemps; bringing this iconic store into a new era in design. Who would not love to be trapped in this glass house?

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