The most creative city in Canada

The term “Creative City” really is misleading as a City in and of itself cannot be creative, but in the case of Montreal I do think that the “City” does play an integral role in the creativity of its artists. We have to be all somewhat creative to get on in Montreal. The rules so to speak, are not as cut and clear as in other cities. Case in point; go to a stop light in Mtl. observe – now go to a stop light (as a pedestrian) in say, T.O. and observeā€¦

Montreal just seems to bring out the creatives, as the song goes “If you can make it here you can make it any where”, a reference to NYC. But I believe that if you can make it in Montreal as an artist, you can make it anywhere. It is not easy to be an artist period, but like Q-Tip, from A Tribe Called Quest so eloquently said in a recent interview: “This is not what I do, this is what I am, there is no retirement from what I am”.

KA Magazine caught up with designer Ifigenia Papadimitriou, for Montreal’s own Bod&Christensen between her travels to China, India and Vegas in between, we had a little glimpse in the mercurial mind of the artist. This drop dead gorgeous young designer is an example of why Montreal is so darned creative, and if that is not enough, she also is case in point for my second argument: Montreal has the most beautiful women in the world. Full interview with Ifigenia in KA Vol.5.