Happy International Women’s Day ladies, babies and little girls.

International Women’s Day has been celebrated for more than 100 years, and even though I knew it existed, it was always somewhere in the back of my mind sort of like my birthdays actually. An important day, but one that still never made it to the front of my mind like say, rent every month.

This has all changed thanks to an amazing woman, Bita Catellan, who has made me see the full importance of such a day. The stats are staggering, women all over the world in ratio to men are apx. 1.1 males to females, in a world with a population of close to 7 billion – you get the point. Yet, despite many success in empowering women, the issues still exist ranging from cultural, political to economic. For a full read just Google┬« “women’s rights 2012”.

I for one am all for International Women’s Day, or like in some areas of the world, Women’s week. But I really think it should be more like International Women’s Year. Yes, each year at the beginning of the year we are made aware of the following: Nothing and no one would exist PERIOD if it were not for women. To hammer the point home, let’s even get clearer. There would be no Google, no Face Book,no iPad, no great wall of China, no Space Shuttle Challenger, No Mona Lisa, or music of any kind, KA Magazine, and NO PEOPLE.

So I for one am all for International women’s day, but even though the themes such as celebrating women’s roles in the economic prosperity of rural, remote and Northern regions are valid and well needed, we should never forget the bigger theme. Thank you ladies for the survival of our species.