KA Loves : KARMA

We’ve been about Karma since the very first issue of KA Magazine. With the discovery of Fisker Automotive, our love affair with Karma was sealed. This is a vehicle that has brought new meaning to the term “hybrid car”. Imagine driving a car that is not only energy efficient but also has the sleek curves and engine power of a Vantage. Not too difficult for designer Henrik Fisker (interviewed in KA Vol. 1) who was previously the design director at Aston Martin. Here’s a quick snapshot: Up front there’s a 260-hp, GM-supplied four-cylinder engine, and an American-made lithium-ion battery pack; a twin AC motor straddles the rear axle that delivers 402 horsepower; beautiful aluminum skin radiates; a solar-cell roof impresses; faux suede interiors are sumptuous; and rescued California wildfire hardwood give it all an earthy touch. To make things sweeter, this sexy beast is now available in Canada! Fisker Automotive has developed partnerships with luxury dealers in Calgary, Vancouver and Toronto so we will finally start seeing the Karma on Canadian roads – www.fiskerautomotive.com