We have often dreamed of the perfect bathroom – clean, modular lines, a solid palette of white and grey, with perfect proportions and balance…AND the ability to move it around! What would this look like? How would it feel? Well, we believe to have found such a space, and to our surprise, we share the same name. Perhaps we are slightly biased, but KA loves the KA Collection!

The design is both modern and warm at the same time – (just like a KA Magazine) … with all joking aside, the collection offers different high, width and depth sets to obtain a dynamic effect in a space which usually is rigid. Both the sinks and the bathtubs, made of resin, are characterized by the absence of straight lines and their organic status. Their sinuous forms contrast with the rest of the furniture cubic formed, achieving a perfect balance in the amount of space. The concept was designed by Francesc Rife for Inbani, meant to actually have the ability to be shifted around the room due to integrated plumbing. Beauty and brains – all wrapped into one stunning collection. See for yourself, and you can fall in love with “KA” all over again.

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