Alon Livne: For the Warrior Goddess in You

They say, ‘opposites attract’. Accordingly, we see manifestations of this old adage frequently in our daily lives; in relationships, in music and even in nature. However, it is usually not so thrilling as when we see this demonstrated in fashion. This couldn’t be more clear than when looking at Alon Livne’s F/W 2013 collection. Ethereal details created with seemingly inflexible textiles and firm silhouettes intricately spliced with sheer accents, Alon has completely blown the concept of ‘hard and soft’ out of the water…and we love it.

Though fairly new on the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week scene, Alon Livne already has adoring celebrity fans and an impressive resume behind him. After having trained with Alexander McQueen in London, working in the Eveningwear and Couture department of luxury Italian fashion house Roberto Cavalli, Livne has now shown two seasons of his collections at New York Fashion Week – and let it be known, that his creations are truly, hard to miss.

Highlights from his collection include; expertly cut plastic fluidly molded into swirls, geometrically placed embellishments, rigidly cinched-in waists and floaty skirts that just barely carry the weight of a whisper. These seemingly antithetical combinations make for an unequivocally feminine, yet powerful, warrior-like and perhaps even extraterrestrial collection that has us all wondering, ‘Where have you been all my life?’.



Story by Dayana Cadet, KA MAGAZINE