Stephan Moccio : Genius

Stephan Moccio is a genius. There it is in print, and we said it! To much beating around the bush, let’s just get straight to the point; this KA Best of Canada 2010 choice in the context of rare genius, should go to Stephan Moccio. Add to this, a gift of making the piano into liquid emotion that one drinks through the sound coming from his music and you are left somewhat speechless (not a good thing when we need to write an intro). But there you have it; we are speechless. Its definitely a good thing that we have his amazing interview to make up for the lack of a fitting intro. KA magazine definitely suggests that you get his new release “Color” out in November, you will be happy that you did.

KA — First random act: meeting Joelle (Adler) and asking her about women that inspire her. Second random act: Joelle invites me to the event “Hope and Cope”. Third random act: you are the performer at said event. Fourth not so random act: I am hooked on both your music and your vibe.

Was it random, or do you think that somehow, some way I had to be there at that exact place and time to experience exactly what I experienced?

SM — I believe the cream rises to the top. Having said that, I feel blessed that our stars aligned that particular evening. Somehow we share parallel energies with people, like yourself, and energy is everything, it is what guides our lives.

KA — Now imagine that after seeing you at this event, I immediately did my research and then told my editor to create more space in the next issue of KA best of Canada since you had to be included. How much of this is luck and what is your take on luck?

SM — I am lucky that you were in the room. However, I don’t believe in luck for the big picture, success and sustaining success has nothing to do with luck.

KA — The story goes deeper, because not only did I randomly go to this event at which you were performing, which made KA choose you as best of Canada, but the next day Maria Fotopoulos (Joelle’s assistant) calls my assistant to tell her that she has gotten an interview with Stephan Moccio. An interview that even at this point I did not even know if it would be possible to fit in the magazine. Do you believe in destiny?

SM — I believe in hard work. It’s true what they say…. when preparation meets opportunity, incredible things start to happen.

KA — I am particularly drawn to porcelain, what is the story here? This song rips me up, I can play it on repeat for hours…the beginning is both melancholy and happy at the same time.

SM — It is an incredibly honest piece, that came through me. I am touched you feel it too. It deals with the creation of being in the moment, the creation of life…. it is inspired by the two most powerful people in my world, my wife and my daughter.

KA — I know the story of how you penned that very famous song for Celine Dion from being at your recent concert, but tell us again as I am sure that my telling is not as poignant as yours?

SM — The beauty of this story is that dreams do come true, if you believe in yourself and more importantly, if you are honest with yourself. The short version is that I told Céline one day I would write her a song and the rest is history….. I had the honour of co-writing Céline’s come back song A New Day Has Come.

KA — When I saw you live, I just couldn’t believe how nice (really), how nice you seemed and all I could think was “is it possible that being nice and being a success can really happen?” Please tell me it’s an act and you really are just a regular “mean guy”!…

SM — Haha! I am genuinely a humbled guy, who sits in awe everyday of the little things. However it isn’t always easy being around me during the creative process….. what is that beautiful saying… “what is to give light must endure burning”…. I endure lots of burning.

KA — I ask all of the Canadians in this issue’s interviews what they love the most about being Canadian. My question to you relates more to being a Canadian artist. Is being Canadian an asset?

SM — I honestly haven’t figured this one out yet.

KA — How do you relax?

SM — The world stops when I am at the piano, she’s an incredible confident, I hear silence.

KA — What has been a single selfless act that has made you stop and think people can be wonderful and life is worth it?

SM — Becoming a Father.

KA — What is your mantra?

SM — I have many…. passion is important… you really only live once….go for it…. trust yourself.

KA — Who is Stephan Moccio?

SM — I am Husband, I am a Father and I am an Artist.