Every year we have the same feeling when March comes along and the Fall collections for the next year are being shown and we just cannot seem to bear the thought of cold any longer…shouldn’t it be Spring already? Bring me some white and some warmth! For some reason though, the Stella McCartney F/W 2015 collection certainly gave us reason to look forward to next Fall (with white and warmth included!).  Of all the designers showing in Paris this season, Stella is the main on my radar – being the most conscious luxury global brand right now (yes people, there is room for more…but for now Stella McCartney is leading the pack!)

Her vision for next Fall / Winter is quite simply…comfortable, tailored, utilitarian and sexy…all our favourite elements thank you very much. Her silhouettes this season are asymmetrical, oversized, flared – but always neatly cut. We loved her use of the faux shearling and fur this season; Finally, vegans get to be decked out in cruelty-free fur – an always luxurious statement piece! Loved the white fur fur jacket look with the ivory vegan leather booties, stunning, simple and elegant.

Step out of leggings and into wide leg pants, thank you Stella for bringing back the flare and letting our legs breathe a bit. (Loose clothes on women are even sexier than tight, by the way…) Great use of volume and balance throughout the collection on the pants, sleeves as well as jacket and dress hems. Did you see those large pant cuffs?! Yeah!!

For accessories (all cruelty-free of course), Stella McCartney has gone with sophisticated shoes and boots, clean lines which complement the clothes, but do not overtake the looks (no platforms this season). All is balanced, and loved the subtle use of metallics in the accessories and ring-like finger grips on the clutches.

Warm, cozy and beautifully tailored – the collection is perfect for the powerful cruelty-free lady ready to take on the world and brave the next fall / winter season in serious style. Merci, et a la prochaine, Paris.

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