By Bruno Pieters

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Over the past few decades the Fashion Industry has gone through an impressive transformation. There is now an abundance of Fashion, available around the globe, in all price ranges. We had a dream of globalisation and we made it happen.

But the Rana Plaza tragedy in Bangladesh was a cold reminder for some and a brutal discovery for others, that the ones who had helped us build this dream, were living a nightmare. 1129 human beings died, over 2500 were injured. Join the Fashion Revolution today and ask your favourite luxury and high street brands who made your clothes.

For more information on Fashion Revolution day please go to the Fashion Revolution website:

Thank you
Bruno Pieters

Text by Bruno Pieters
Photography by Lee Wei Swee.
Style: Bruno Pieters is wearing an Honest By Bruno Pieters White Organic Cotton Shirt made in Belgium, trousers from the Bruno Pieters Archives and Shoes by Veja.