Remember when you went to a party and the music was so good you felt that the dj was reading your mind. when your body was moving in ways that even the bedroom couldn’t inspirer. Remember when the bass was so deep so clear; so liquid that you floated on a ocean of sound waves. The people were so beautiful that even while sober the girl / guy dancing in front of you looked like Venus or Adonis. Remember when the dj could not stop playing even past the State

regulated cut off time (what’s up with that anyways) : when you did not have enough when you could not get enough!  Remember sweat (yes sweat) – it is that thing that happens when one pushes the body to a place that it has to create moisture to cool itself off, but in the case of our story no sweat or sprinkler system could cool you off… “I’m gonna sweat seat sweat — until I’m soaking wet”. How about real printed invites, the day when you used to be bombarded by flyer boys, and girls at the end of a party; handing out flyers for the next crazy good party at an undisclosed address. Remember when the high was the music: when the party, was the party: and people got dressed up to rock the house…

What’s the mission of KA Magazine Soul Collective?… Bringing the Beat Back.

KEVIN ALLWOOD Editor in Chief

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