MY MISSION: “TO SHARE THE CONCEPT OF UNIVERSAL ONENESS”— that definitely got KA’s attention …

Sally treasures the experience of creating music and art in a multitude of facets with one of them comprising her deepest desire of sharing the concept of Universal Oneness, Love, Peace…

is part of her journey kicked off with one of her early ‘beginner’ accomplishments “Change the World” and is being continued through a range of musical tales and projects.

In 2010, Sally stepped into the Electronic Dance Music scene as a vocalist/songwriter through her first collaboration with Trance Producer/Dj Arnej on “Free of You”, followed by her collaboration on ‘Never the Same’ with DJ/Producer Daniel Wanrooy in 2011. In October 2010, Sally shared the stage in Montreal alongside vocalists Emma Hewitt and Audrey Gallagher and other known talents in the trance scene, performing for about 8, 000 electronic music fanatics.


I’ve come to find true fulfillment and liberation through living a life of creation individually and as one with others. This is one part of where my story has been going; to share and be in that overflowing creative and love-based energy with people, daily or artistically and together become and bring to life the truth in our hearts through Oneness and co-creative projects. And very shortly, I will be sharing on my YouTube channel a song I recently wrote, “Love is Rising”.