The story: the beginning …

Man meets woman — man falls in love, familiarity sets in: Woman leaves man. Man arrives home to an empty house and a simple note; she has left on a train to somewhere.

:the middle …

Man is late but he knows where the train will pass; so he heads to the train tracks, to get a glimpse of the metal monster that has swallowed his love and broken his BOND!

While waiting he walks the empty tracks; two parallel lines never to meet, like the trajectory of his love affair.

:the end …

The train never passes! The freight train is all he sees; a symbol of all the baggage the man has stored over a lifetime. We see the red light reflected against the jacket of the man, a symbol of a broken heart.

— The perfect fit for Autumn/ Winter 2013 is the La Marque Regency Jacket; and an equally perfect choice, is the production of the campaign by KA Agency. Look book, website and film all under the guidance of Kevin Allwood and his team. The result, nothing short of breath-taking.

Allwood chose to do away with the usual suspects; retouching,lighting, hair, make-up. Instead, the choice was made to battle the natural elements. Forcing the subject, Montage model Jean Pierre, to dig a little deeper, while pushing the photographer (Allwood), get the “shot” —