One of the joys of doing KA Magazine, is truly being re-inspired every single day, by the beautiful design, people and places there is in this world. Nestled atop a 3 storey building in Hangzhou China, is one of those amazing places – there sits the Arthouse Café. Designed by awarded Hong Kong based Architectural and Interior Designer Joey Ho, an unfamiliar coffee culture was born, allowing for the calculated chained clichés to immediately dismantle.

Situated within a 3,000 sq ft., space this now converted gallery and café is fitted with salient geometric interiors, sleek walls and an emphasized sitting space sharpened with splendor. The provocative, asymmetrical creation allowed the line amid the interior’s walls, ceiling and floor to become blurred. Adorned with a desolate and unscathed monochrome palette, the impression is courageously steadfast, yet sumptuously refined.

The aim was to “break the boundary, edge or limitation of art pieces, hence, encourage an intimate relationship between space and people.” Initially inspired by geography, this architectural abode was created with the use of a limited amount of materials such as: such as timber, marble, and glass. The manifestation of his vision can be seen through the use of triangular openings, contained within wood-lined recesses, and luxuriant frames.  His creation is free from corporate branding, and provides an idiosyncratic sanctuary from the industrious concrete jungle. Be mesmerized in a dynamic atmosphere that awakens the senses, and stimulates the soul. Enjoy the eye candy –

Arthouse_Delood_02 Arthouse_Delood_03 Arthouse_Delood_04 Arthouse_Delood_05 Arthouse_Delood_06


Story by Sarah Harris, KA MAGAZINE

Image Courtesy © Joey Ho Design