It takes a lot of chutzpah to sustain oneself as an independent in a suc- cesfful business for almost 50 years. It becomes even more impressive, when one not only survives, but also thrives amongst the giants of the industry. Milli Gould, owner of Milli, runs a luxury boutique with 2 locations, Hamilton and downtown Toronto. To this day, it is still one of the city’s best kept secrets (I suspect that her clients like it that way).

She created her own niche, right from the start. Milli has built her business by provid- ing her customers with quality of service and professional advice – she has an incredible eye and she is the ultimate stylist! She values quality and workmanship, she believes in buying investment pieces; items you will treasure and feel good in for a long time – a reflection of the luxury labels and top Canadian designer collections she carries in her boutiques. I met Milli 10 years ago, when I was hired to produce her show in celebra- tion of her 40 years in business, which also coincided with the opening of her Yorkville boutique. This gave me the opportunity and privilege to experience the essence and magic of Milli. To this day, it still is one of the most incredible and special shows I ever worked on. I will never forget the 50 piece orchestra, revealed for the finale of the show and the stunning International designer collections brought in exclusively for this show. Milli has proven that she has major staying power and that she knows a thing or two about fashion. She is a woman with a remarkable life history that reads like a novel and worth its own full story.

Story by Erika Larva / Editor at Large / Toronto

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Milli Gould – Founder of MILLI