A year ago, two powerhouses of ethical fashion were introduced and the union is now bearing fruit to a new beautiful artisan-made collection. Kevin Allwood and the Ethical Fashion Initiative led by Simone Cipriani, are now working with Dot.Haiti, a Donna Karan initiative- to create a line of bracelets and bags made entirely by artisans in Haiti. The Ethical Fashion Initiative’s goal is to build a responsible fashion industry that measures its impact. Together they believe in a responsible fashion industry, where workers earn a living wage, are offered dignified working conditions and minimizes impact on the environment. Not Charity, Just Work. The beads are made out of natural clay and hand painted in 3 different colours. The bracelets also come with a lucky charm that designer Kevin Allwood has designed for his clients to wear with them daily. The Kevin Allwood + Haiti bracelets are now available at KASPACE Toronto, and the bags will be available in Spring 2017.

Made with Love. This is the only possible future.

“The storm is an illusion like everything in this holographic Universe. We are/ were never separated from source. This is why it is so impossible to go back. How can we go back when we were never separated. Just know.”