KA Magazine’s acceptance speech

“I would like to thank my mother, God, the Universe. The lady at the fruit store in the market who always has the best avocados in the city…Hmm I just love avocados. Did I thank God?Well, I thank God again. I want to say a special thank you to all my fans; all you people who like me! You really like me! I am so touched, really I am and this award is for you, all of you.

Oh what’s that!? It’s not an award ceremony, it’s just a picture of Ashley King with the first copy of me (KA magazine Vol.5) in her lovely hands… Ok that’s cool. Well then,thank God that I’m here!

KA Magazine Vol.5 is finally here.

Due to our recent US deal we have a limited amount for our peeps, so come and get you KA on.