Why are models so darned tall : Make-up artists Kick Ass

Actually the reason is  that they make it easier to just slip clothing on and off when you only have 1 minute to change during a show… this definitely helps. If you want to figure this one,  just imagine taking off your dress, and shoes, putting on a new dress, shoes and accessories all in one minute without messing your hair or make-up—that is definitely a sight to see.
But really, my hat is definitely off to the un sung hero here: the make-up artist. No disrespect to the hair peeps, the lighting techs, etc. but it is truly the make-up people that bring the magic. KA just wants to give a general shout out to all you make-up soldiers out there and a special bupp bupp!! to Susan Morales (pictured here with model Dia) who held it down for KA Vol 5.