Conversation with the Universe::: It is all in your intent.

In the last issue of KA, the Bliss section spoke of gratitude, and how with our attitude of gratitude, we are able to create a vibration of good around us. The question that came to me since this last issue was: “When is gratitude not enough?” Sometimes, we are just too deep in, that even to give gratitude cannot alleviate the pain or the stress.

The thing that needs to be realized here, is that the gratitude I speak about is not the gratitude of someone who received a gift and says thank you for the present. No, the gratitude I speak of, is the one born of faith. Knowing that there is something inside of you that is there to help you to reach a positive place; that little voice, that moment of peace. The gratitude is the one that even when there is nothing physical in front of you, you are still giving thanks to the energy t hat surrounds you and the people that are sending and sharing love with you right here, right now. It was during a recent conversation that I had the most spectacular “ah-ha” moment of the year. This moment was so profound, that I think it was life-changing. The beauty was that this type of game-changer usually doesn’t come in such a clear and simple package.

The story started by a discussion with a dear friend about the pit falls of not being clear when you’re dealing with other people, and how if you have a hidden agenda, there could be some unforeseen consequences. Even if you are not fully aware of it, the other person will always pick up your intention subconsciously, and your discussion will go in the direction of what you are actually thinking. Now consider that both of you were not really clear, you can see how much of a mess this would cause.

Take for example, Mary comes to see Kim and says to her: “I love your dress, it looks amazing on you.” While she is actually thinking “I don’t really care very much about your dress, but I know you do, so I will use this as a way to trick you since I need to ask you for a favor.” Chances are, even though she didn’t know it, Kim would actually somehow feel exactly what Mary intended. Eventually, their relationship will explode in the context that makes no sense to either of them.&nb sp;What happens here, is that all the mal-intent gets stored up, and this usually results in a complete collapse of the relationship.

What if Mary had just come out and asked for the favor directly? Chances are, Kim would have said yes or no, but the difference is that there would have been zero exchange or chance for negativity. This was my take on things up until my friend innocently shattered my Universe with the simple phrase: “But isn’t the conversation really between you and the Universe, and when you connect with a person, are you not just connecting with a part of the Universe?”

So, if you meet someone and you are not being honest in your intent, you are directly communicating those thoughts to the Universe. Therefore, you will actually get the results based on what you are truly intending. As you are speaking to the Universe through your thoughts and intentions, it is the Universe that will respond accordingly, not necessarily the other person.

If you take the time to wrap your mind around this simple concept, it has astounding consequences. Imagine if you will, a world where when you meet with someone, you know that he or she is your “brother or sister”. But take it even further, and imagine that when you are speaking and communicating to this person, you are directly communicating with the Universe itself.

You will be aware at this point that “thoughts become things” is merely the tip of the iceberg.

Consider this until the next time we meet.

Remember that it is not the thing that makes us happy or unhappy, it is the thoughts about the things that will make it so.