Jardin De Ville : Love me inside out

Who doesn’t love beautiful well-made furniture? As a species, we have always created furnishings for either cave or palace. From its humble beginnings of straw on dirt, to the beautiful creations of design and genius that we now have to enjoy; home furniture has become an art form on its own. It wasn’t too long ago though, that the garden or outdoor furniture choices were very limited to a variety of plastic weave chairs in bright pinks and seafoam green and a little white metal table on the side. It’s thanks to companies like Jardin de Ville that the outside of the house is now as beautiful and comfortable as the inside.

It’s businesses like Jardin de Ville that not only make doing this Best of Canada issue a joy, but as well a necessity. This Canadian company, which has been family owned since 1956, is truly the best in Canada. One visit to a Jardin de Ville showroom, and you will be as convinced as we are that when it comes to high end furniture for both inside and out, there is no need to look any further.

The summer months are by default a pleasure to experience and this pleasure is heightened by having the furniture from the incredible selection offered here. The chairs, the tables, the lounges, the cloud soft cushions, and something that we at KA have experienced first hand: the “self cleaning“ materials that make use and care a dream. Something that we saw with the furniture that we have on KA’s outdoor terrace; was that whenever it rained, the cushions seemed to wash themselves, and actually have stayed perfectly white all summer long. Now, that is definitely a good thing.

From its humble beginnings in the small town of Saint-Antoine des Laurentides, Jardin de Ville has grown to not only be the best in Canada but as well, one of the world’s most respected names in high-end outdoor furnishings and accessories. “Jardin de Ville is a family that is as passionate about serving its clientele, just as its clientele is all about Jardin de Ville’s furniture.”