KA Magazine is not an easy place to work. How can we define the KA space… It is sort of a creative boot-camp daily, where you are pushed beyond your limits, to find out that limits, are for the average — and why be average! It is not a place where we apologize for creating or for being creative, it is a space where we constantly throw ourselves into the freezing cold water of the unknown and in most cases, the unknowable. Diana is part of this place. – Read On.

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KA- What made you decide one day that you would join the KA team?

DE- I wouldn’t say it was so much a decision, as it was serendipity. Anyone who knows me, I mean really knows me, would say I com- pletely “willed” KA into my reality. Rabi Bazzi had actually introduced me to KA Magazine’s “Best of Canada” issue, almost 3 years ago now. Needless to say, I was blown away..and maybe even a little intimidated. A little while down the road, as I journeyed towards this “thing” I knew with certainty I would arrive to, I found my way to KA. I sent a very excited email to the magazine expressing how happy I would be to work for such an amazing publication, and received a phone call from the Editor a couple of days later– for those of you who know him, that is a BIG deal!! One very unique “interview” that same afternoon, and a passionate letter from me on how I belong in the world of KA…and the rest as they say is history.

KA- How important is personal style in your job at KA?

DE- The way I dress, write and speak must all fit with the industry I work in, and the culture of KA. I believe this is very important – always while adding a personal twist! I am incredibly lucky to work in publish- ing and fashion. Clean and creative are two words I like to remember in my style.

KA- How cool is it to work with an artistic business?

DE- Every day is fun! I wonder how many people can really say that? It sounds simple, but it’s true. To keep things creative, the atmosphere needs to be loving, light and energetic. Positive, peaceful and abundant; these are pretty much the only conversations we have in the studio. It really is amazing; every day is new, and I get to watch the whole creative process behind everything we do. Whether it’s a photo shoot for the magazine, a piece of clothing being made for the NEVIK collection, or a video shoot for a branding campaign – I get to witness all of it. Sometimes, I might even get spontaneously included in a shoot! Kevin Allwood is unpredictable and highly creative, so you really never know! It’s a beautiful reality, it really is. Everything is done with love and attention…not to mention I have a designer making my very own wardrobe! I must have been really good in my past life.

KA- Are there presently any new and interesting projects that you are working on?

DE- Quite honestly, I am always working on something new at KA. We have several branding clients, and one in particular that I work with a lot is, SweetBox_ by Natacha. We have been working side by side with Natacha, on her “Candy to Go” campaign, and it’s an absolute joy. I mean come on – it’s candy! One of the latest projects I am working on at KA, is very dear to my heart. I am beyond excited to share it with the world, when the time is right! Sorry to sound so cryptic, but it will definitely be worth the wait!

KA- Why is charity so important to KA (world)?

DE- Well the culture of KA, is very much one of always giving first. In everything we do, the first thought, the first question is always, “What can we do for you?” Charity is at the forefront of our “giving” culture. It allows the opportunity to give, without expecting anything in return, except to share abundance with the world – the way it should be. Our latest project is rebuilding the Manning’s school library in West- more Jamaica. Next, we plan to build KA campuses in all 12 parishes in Jamaica. This is just the beginning..

KA- Tell us, what was the biggest surprise in working with Kevin Allwood?

DE- How calm and amazingly focused one individual can be – it has literally blown my mind. If you’re reading this magazine, I don’t need to tell you that he is also a creative genius! The most surprising mo- ment with Mr. Allwood, would have to be, walking into the studio to find him choreographing a young professional ballerina – this man can do anything! He is also incredibly philanthropic; which was also a little surprising. We’ve all seen the movie “The Devil Wears Prada” (some of us more than once!); you expect such a cutting edge magazine to be cutthroat. It is really quite the opposite with Mr. Allwood. Everything is heart and soul and creating win-win outcomes. He is all about tak- ing care and nurturing the KA family. As I like to say, the KA soldiers, fighting the good fight, to design our own destinies.

KA- You occupy the marketing seat of a clearly focused publication. What is the biggest challenge in this seat?

DE- My learning curve when I arrived at KA was very big. I had never worked with such a precise focused team. Not to mention, it was a complete industry switch. I had so very much to learn! Yes, I had to learn about the publishing industry, but that was only the tip of the iceberg. Really, I had gone from working on my own mini proj- ects in my little Montreal bubble, to communicating with people and companies who are literally the best in the world. My work could no longer just be really good. I thought I knew things, that in actuality, I had no idea about. As most young people in my generation, I thought I had all the answers, or a lot anyway. I quickly learned, and am still learning, that the only thing in my way is myself, and my perception of “knowing”. We really don’t know much; we live in a society of a lot of borrowed knowledge. It’s so easy. My biggest challenge has been connecting to what is actually happening, what is REAL, and taking myself out of the way. Being more conscious, and having my eyes open. It’s that simple really. When you can do that, nothing is difficult. Does that answer the question?

KA- Where do you see the future of marketing?

DE- In a much happier and honest place. Where the goal of marketing, is to create fruitful, mutually beneficial relationships. Mar- keting should be the process of creating self-abundance, by first creating unlimited abundance for others.

KA- What are you currently reading?

DE- I am currently re-reading, “The man who tapped the secrets of the Universe”.

KA- I am a young graduate, from the school of memorize and regurgitate. What advice would you give as a recent graduate yourself?

DE- Don’t do it! Don’t even bother getting an “education” if you are not going to experiment with expanding your mind, and your views. Life is not graded with an answer key. You cannot memorize the right answer to life. If you do not develop the ability to see through the smoke, to problem solve, to create, you will have a very hard life. A very average life. You know, 9 to 5 job, bored out of your brain cells, chasing to pay off your debt. It’s a decision really; are you a sheep in the herd or are you going to think? Think.

KA- Why is KA Magazine completely centered around positive news and stories?

DE- One reason is the law of attraction. The power of our thoughts and our words, directly affect our realities. In a world of distorted “truths” and negative messages, KA wishes to be a soft place for people to fall, if you will.

KA- What has been the most interesting occurrence while at KA?

DE- Oh wow that’s a tough question. I don’t even know where to start! I could give you an endless list of interesting occurrences at KA, but overall it boils down to one precedent. Things at KA happen the way they are meant to be. Nothing is forced, everything is organic, and amazing things literally land in our laps all the time. I believe it has to do with the fact that everything in our KA reality is clean, honest, done with love and totally connected to the source. The Universe responds to KA in incredible ways, every single day.

KA- What does KA mean?

KA is many things. It’s ethereal, it’s your source, your fire.. your spiritual entity; the untouchable yet very real. King Ramses II, claimed to have 20 kas. When you find your KA, make peace with it and nourish it; then you will be more complete. If we could all do this, the world would be a very different place.

KA- Who is Diana EsKAander?

DE- I am a thinker and a dreamer. A true romantic and very loyal. I love life – a lot. I have very diverse tastes. I like to analyze. I’m a lover of fashion and food. Very open yet mysterious – every girl needs a little mystery. Determined and slightly stubborn. A sister and a daughter. A KA lover. An explorer. A people connector. Very curious and surprisingly insightful. An advocate for happiness; people don’t smile enough.