The future is here. Can you imagine a world where designers can create their own fabrics or manufacture entire garments from a printer? No wasteful textile industry, no animal cruelty or terrible working conditions for human beings who sew our mass produced clothes.

Let alone, can you even entertain the thought that these clothes can be printed in your own home? Although we are not there yet, there is certainly promise of the 3d printing fashion evolution coming our way. Read on about Danit Peleg, a fashion student in Israel who is changing the game.

Fresh out of the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, Danit Peleg had a very specific goal, and it was to create her entire first collection by 3D printing in her own home. No easy task for someone who does not have a clue about 3d printing – but for someone with a definite purpose, anything is possible.

Danit spent nine months learning, testing, researching, designing and then printing her collection of five very different looks and even the shoes. She used a team of Witbox home printers for the collection, which took about 400 hours for each look, totally over 2000 hours of print time.

Peleg worked with experts in the Tel Aviv makers community, including 3D-printing lab TechFactoryPlus and the XLN community to fine tune her ideas into workable designs. One of the keys to Peleg’s creations was the use of a relatively new material called FilaFlex filament that is more flexible than PLA.

Needless to say, Peleg’s graduate 3D printed 5 piece graduate collection was an incredible success, gaining her media attention around the world, and rightfully so.  By creating this 3d printed fashion collection from her own home, she has literally changed the game. Imagine the possibilities.

Video of the process :


“I believe that technology will help democratize fashion and give designers more independence in the creation process” she says.

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