ETHICAL FASHION INITIATIVE : The Constellation Africa show in Italy

As part of the Fondazione Pitti Discovery’s Guest Nation Project, the Ethical Fashion Initiative has brought four talented menswear designers from the African continent to Florence, Italy. On Thursday 18th 2015, Dent de Man, MaXhosa by Laduma, Orange Culture and Projecto Mental showcased their Spring/Summer 2016 collections in Florence at Pitti Uomo 88.

These were the first menswear brands selected and supported by ITC Ethical Fashion Initiative for its African Designer Programme.

The Ethical Fashion Initiative and Pitti Immagine have together, made the show an immense success highlighting the creative and contemporary fashion culture emanating from the African continent.

“The Constellation Africa show demonstrated that Africa has its space on the global fashion scene. Africa is present in the imaginary of fashion worldwide and for a long time fashion has sourced inspiration from Africa. But today, this is not what matters: this show presented four collections with international creativity and design. We believe Africa is the land of innovation for human kind.” Simone Cipriani, Head of the Ethical Fashion Initiative.

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