Colour Us Excited: Inglot Arrives To Toronto

Inglot, Europe’s leading makeup brand, recently opened up in Dundas Square. Whether you consider yourself a makeup guru or still a beginner, Inglot prides itself not only on its extensive (and we do mean extensive) selection but on its educational approach as well. Inglot carries any and everything you can possibly think of (and perhaps even things you can’t). From eyes to lips, face and fragrance, even accessories – Inglot’s got you covered.

Last week, we met up with PR Manager Asha Houghton and Store Manager Jason Tomasevic to get the full rundown on what makes Inglot a cut above the rest. Though the store is currently the only one in Canada (having just shut down their Montreal location), the team remains optimistic about expanding. “When we think of the possibilities of growth, it’s endless.” boasted Jason, “The things that we want to do is endless. So yes, we will expand in Canada and have an online store as well.”

When asked about their latest collection, appropriately named “Fall In Love”, Jason went on to explain that any new collection is simply a means to introduce new colours into the line. Nothing is limited edition but merely a “celebration” of yet more colours and formulations for your consideration. And of course, there’s still more to come by the end of the month.

With over 400 stores in Poland alone (and about 450 outside of Poland), the soon-to-be Toronto favourite is in 59 countries with no plans to slow down. “We don’t really focus on the numbers,” explained Asha. “Yes they are important and we have to run a business but we have to start from the ground up. We’re here to fix everything that’s wrong with the industry right now. We’re selling an experience – this isn’t come in and buy your next eyeshadow, it’s come in and develop your look, come in and get excited about what you’re going to do for yourself and enjoy it like we do – that’s what makeup is. I feel like it’s been lost upon the industry lately so we’re trying to bring it back and we’re pretty excited!”

Asha concluded our interview with words that may as well be Inglot’s mantra: “We teach artistry, not sales.” In this consumer-driven market, filled to the brim with celebrity endorsements and pushy sales people, Inglot couldn’t have chosen a better time to come back stronger and better than ever. And we can’t wait to see what happens next.

Read on for more interview questions!

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KA: One of the things you’re known for is the “Freedom System”, tell us more about that.

JASON: We give you the freedom to build what you’re comfortable with and teach you how to work with that. Our Freedom System table is basically a playground; eyes, lips, blush powder – the possibilities are endless. Whatever you can create, we can put into a compact for you.

KA: What about your breathable nail polishes (another major trademark)?

JASON: With normal nail polish, it’s like a shell, so nothing can get through but with our 02M breathable nail polish, it’s like a fabric. When you drop water on it, you’ll see it disappear because it’s actually going through the nail polish and touching the nail bed. Your nails will breath, they never turn yellow and they don’t get brittle. And they don’t chip, they actually fade. We have the breathable base and topcoat as well that helps keep that breathability.

KA: What can you tell us about your formula for creating these products? What values and intentions are behind it?

JASON: Our products are created from a pharmacist who wanted everything integrated with technology and high pigment colour. He wanted the formulation to be amazing as well as have lots of pigment. Everything is paraben-free, alcohol-free, dermatologist tested, hypoallergenic and we do not test on animals. Our shadows are about 75% pigment and we have loose pigment and body pigment that is up to 90% pigment so you’re paying for colour and nothing but.

We have 10 chemists (in Poland) that make all the products. They let us try it and we can go back and give them any feedback and they make the changes within 24hrs and let us try again. When we make an order, they are literally made to order (not pulled from shelves). They’re actually pouring the lipstick and making it for us so that when it arrives its only a week old.

ASHA: We also have have a good strong relationship with our distributors, which is nice. Although we produce 95% of our product, but we want to build the strongest partnerships for the other 5%. We barter for all of our products as well. We do have chemists that have raw materials and we trade. And because we make our products in house we don’t have to outsource and that’s all part of the reason we are able to remain so affordable.

Story and Photos by Dayana Cadet