BRETHREN & SOME/THINGS: Montreal to Paris

“Brethren”, brings to mind thoughts of unity, strength and infinite endurance. This is much like the story of the Montreal luxury menswear brand, Brethren, which was founded by three childhood friends, who sought out to elevate the absolute classic accessory, gloves – hand crafted in France and refined with the use of distinct jewellery. And just recently, the brand collaborated with the Parisian Publication & Concept Store: SOME/THINGS.

The alliance between the fresh faced, modern brands has led to the conception of two exclusive (limited edition), fashion items. The first is called the “Scarred Glove”, with only 8 pairs available, they are reminiscent of a hand in its most natural form; marked by the beautiful imperfections from the encounters of one’s life. Made with “Chêvre Destroy” leather, lined with natural silk and “scarred” with 925 sterling silver, the gloves were crafted in alignment with the original concept of creating a “second skin” for the hands. In support of its fellow accessory, the next exclusive creation, the “Grim Scarf”, is available in 20 units only. The scarf embodies the contrast of opacity and transparency, embellished with visible holes, to represent the idea of slow disintegration. Made from 100% merino wool and 925 sterling silver, this scarf is undeniably extravagant and ripe with intention.

Staying true to the notion of exclusivity, the creations will only be made available at the SOME/THINGS concept store in Paris until October 2015, for a very privileged few to enjoy.


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Story by Diana Eskander  |  KA Magazine