Few words conjure up more of a feeling of romance and elegance than, ™Champs Élysées∫. Just say the word; mention it in a sentence- try this one on for size. Insert a bit of a slow dwarl, a sense of languor, when you are about to say this phrase. ™This summer, I think I will take my vacation in the Champs Élysées, Paris, where will you be going?∫ Then step back, take out your iPhone and snap the photos of disbelief and I want to have your life-ness. But if you really want to put fuel to the fire, throw in ™oh I think we will be staying at the Maison Champs Élysées.  Now, press the video button on the iPhone.

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Located between Avenue Montaigne and Le Grand Palais, The Maison Champs Élysées is a study in luxury and relaxed, understated richness. There has been over the years, another phrase that in the context of
design, has almost become a bad word; but MINIMALISM, when in the hands of the originators, as in this case, the design house of Martin
Margiela, it becomes a study in attention to details not the opposite, as in the discarding of attention and details.

kamagazine_maisonchampselysees kamagazine_maisonchampselysees

The space is designed by a fashion house and one whose founder was as real as it gets. Shunning publicity like a cat and water, the enigmatic
designer would prefer that his work speak for itself. No longer at the helm though, the Maison still carries on the tradition. Maison Champs Élysées is similar to sleeping and living in a perfectly made dream set. Tucked in the golden triangle, located at what was once the town house of the Princess of
Essling, this gem of a hotel is breathtaking, the lightness is almost unbearably beautiful. The stunning restaurant, with glass roof, leads the guests to the garden outside, with chairs and tables placed, as if to be floating in mid air. No. 8 rue Jean Goujon has definitely been updated, and something very, very special is happening here, at this location. There is a sort of whimsy that defies even a critique; one has to visit and experience, sort of like the scent of a white rose.



The phrase here, very KA; luxury has more to do with generosity.

Maison des Champs Élysées

8 Rue Jean Goujon

75008 Paris – France

Tel: +33 (1) 40 74 64 64