Yulia Yadryshnikova: Collection 2Y

Based in Madrid, Russian designer and pattern-maker Yulia Yadryshnikova has a style that seemingly transcends the world of fashion. Earlier this month, New Yorkers got to see this for themselves as her latest capsule collection was shown alongside the 50/50 furniture collection designed by Italian-Swedish Luca Nichetto Design Studio and produced by Portuguese design management firm De La Espada during New York Design Week.

Divided into two parts, Yulia’s collection is both introspective and innovative. The first part of her collection focuses on her childhood memories. Inspired by her habit of turning the pages of a loose-leaf calendar as a metaphorical means of “turning over a new day”, each piece is reminiscent of the origami-like shapes she would create using these sheets of paper – all sharp edges and interesting shapes.

The second part of her collection bridges the gap between fashion and furniture. Namely, a dress created not only with the intention of being worn but to be used as a cover for the perfectly contemporary Stanley sofa as well. Yulia also re-interpreted two coats from a past collection using the same upholstery fabric as the aforementioned sofa, giving them a more refreshed and structural feel.

Overall, the entire collection is a testament to Yulia’s talent and a glimpse into her creative process. With experimentation through pattern-making, meticulous detailing and impeccable craftsmanship as her main tools, whether the stage is set in fashion or home decor, each of Yulia’s designs speaks volumes.

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Story by Dayana Cadet | KA MAGAZINE