Trust Fund Beauty: Lifestyle in a Bottle

KA Magazine loves a good story – and even more so, when the storyencompasses the notions of “lifestyle”, “luxury” and “eco-consciousness. Now add to it an idiom, such as “5-free” and you definitely have our attention.

This was the case of Trust Fund Beauty, a brand that was put under our radar just a short while ago. TFB is a collection of non-toxic nail polishes, made for the eco/health/fashion conscious female. This beauty of a product is vegan, with no animal testing and free of formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, dibutyl phthalate, camphor and toluene (basically, the really bad stuff); thus the term, 5-free.

Founded in 2014 by Ms. Samara Gronofsky, the idea came about when her mother was diagnosed with cancer. She wished to have a non-toxic manicure, without having to resort to the “tree-hugging” options that were out there.

What TFB aims to offer is a lifestyle in a bottle. The line includes a selection of matte, holographic, temperature, shimmer and original formula colours in a very wide selection; with a new colour every month and a new collection 7 times a year. The packaging is ultra pretty, the polishes are quick drying – and with playful names like heiressbig spender and scandal you can have a little fun while making your colour selections!

Read on for more about TFB in an interview with Samara Gronofsky.


CG: What was the inspiration behind the name Trust Fund Beauty (TFB)?

SG: My life and my sense of humor

CG: TFB is free of all harsh chemicals, “5-Free” as you call it, yet you’ve still managed to create a polish with the same application and final result as the more “traditional” brands we’ve come to know. How were you able to achieve that as a result?

SG: We are actually 7 free but that term has not caught on yet so we don’t use it in our marketing. And we achieved it thru science 😉 It was very rewarding once we found a formula that dried quickly and went on smoothly.

CG: And why then in your opinion, do you think the others have not followed suit, if these toxins are so poisonous to our bodies?

SG: I can’t speak for other brands but for us the extra cost per bottle and less profit margins were worth it.

CG: Besides being a vegan brand with no animal testing, is there something else that you wish TFB to be recognized for?

SG: Our cheeky names and our sassy style, also our amazing packaging.

CG: There can be a lot of opposition at times towards ideas, people and products that take a path a little less often travelled. Did TFB have this experience or did you find that most clients and retailers were ready for such a product?

SG: We have had amazing feedback from people saying that they love our sassy style and that it makes us different and makes us a fun brand. They also said that we have a great cohesive brand. Of course like you mentioned there will always be haters. This brand is not for everyone. We keep in tongue and cheek and not everyone shares the same sense of humor. Some retailers love it others think its too edgy.

CG:  What inspires you?

SG: My life, my friends and pop culture.

CG: Do you plan on expanding the brand with new product lines?

SG: Absolutely!!!!! We are planning a full makeup line.

CG: If there was only one message you could share, what would it be?

SG: Be unapologetically yourself.

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