We invite you to explore the intricate layers of the ever fascinating and beautiful mind of Natasha Kertes – who’s work also graced the cover of KA Magazine Vol. 6 with her “In Bloom” Editorial. See the world through her artistic eyes, in her thought provoking and insatiably provocative exhibition titled: Porcelain. Portraits of Modern Antiquity. On from September 13- October 6th at the Cafeina in Miami, an elegant design space situated in the heart of the Wynwood Art District. Photographer Natasha bears her soul for art aficionados, luring them into their unchartered and creative corners of their minds. 

The invention of photography saw the birth of a new language – the unspoken word – only communicated through impactful imagery. Through the artists’ eyes, reality is evoked through a contemporary approach, toying and evolving the visitors’ senses. “An assimilation of the new ideals attests to the symbiosis of artistic media, to mutual stimulation and enhancement of all categories of the creative arts. The present volume is a testimony to the photographic images, to my creativity as an artist who is constantly taking you along on new voyages of discovery that will enrich your lives.”

Her photographic journey was inspired through the characteristics of the term “Renaissance.” Defined by the artist as the “unashamed delight in the human body, the prudery of the creation of new Portraiture, reflecting the individual personality as an ideal of human dignity and perfectibility. The application to design and sculpture, corresponding to the harmonious order which Renaissance man perceived at the heart of the Universe; all of these characteristics and innovations is the art of the Renaissance compounded and vivified anew in my photographic journey to creative arts.” Her curated gallery is essentially her mind on display, an entirely thought provoking and enticing. With a stinging passion for photographing high fashion, and refined imagery, your senses will be tantalized with her illuminated and entirely decadent body of work. 

KA MAGAZINE invites you to the official Vernissage for the Exhibition – which will take place this Friday September 13th – from 7 to 10 pm – Cafeina Wynwood Lounge – Miami



Behind the Scenes – The Making of “Porcelain”

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Story by Sarah Harris, KA Magazine