Are you an Artist.. recording artist .. brush artist .. photo artist.. make-up artist… stylist.. pop artist.. or one of our faves a “Life Artist!

KA Magazine’s Art director Ashley King is announcing just the the medicine for your malady, you know the one… Artists through out the ages have all gotten it at one point or another: “Why am I doing this, will anyone ever recognize my brilliance and give me a break already!?”

Well you know, as an artist, you are a funny lot indeed, at one end yearning for recognition and world domination, whilst shunning the spot light. Well KA wishes to help you with both these sides of your deep tortured personality. We will put the spot light squarely on you while being “KA” (ie. limited and exclusive) you will remain (sort of) out of the main stream. So go on, send us your request and as our Art Director is an Artist herself, you will be in good hands.The only catch here, you know this is not from me, it is from the Editor Mr. Allwood: you have to “LIKE” KA…

Oh yes and let us not overlook in our list of art forms the Burlesque art … Art: imagine a world without creativity::
To ENTER the KA LOVES ARTISTS contest and view all entry rules, click here.
Deadline for applications is August 30th, 2012.
Good luck!