Interview with Stevie B. Hamron

When in the presence of Stevie B, you feel a certain stillness that is hard to explain…until you look into his eyes (checkout this shot of Stevie!). They seem to go on forever without end, and they give you the impression that his mind never stops thinking and dreaming. The KA Best of Canada (events promo- tion) recipient is definitely on the move, and one to watch in the coming years.


KA — When I met you, I was not expecting such a down to earth generous person as with the field you are in, most of the guys are not so genuine. How do you keep both feet on the ground?

SH — I started at the bottom and understood every step of the way. It allowed me to understand the value of things and most importantly the value of people, trying very hard in never taking things for granted. I was told at a young age that who ever you meet on the way up will be the ones you meet on the way down so stay true, humble & genuine…part of that lesson came from family. I stay grounded by surrounding myself with real things, spirituality, family, good friends and the basic values of life.

KA — The thing I was struck by was your particular sense of style; part ‘boho’ part retro, part Bond. Have you ever thought of going into fashion from the design perspective?

SH — Its funny you ask…I actually started my career in fashion but more on the retail manage- ment & buying side but quickly got bored and felt isolated. Fortunately my fashion experience led me to special event planning mixing both fashion & event production and giving birth to my first event brand “Don’t tell my booker” in 1998 with now offices in Paris, Miami & Montreal and with more than 10 international events a year. I’m also currently working on developing a premium denim line out of Montreal for worldwide distribution

KA — DTMB (Don’t Tell My Booker) is a phenomenal success, all the events that you do seem to be an immediate success. At the obvious risk of it not being a secret after we print, what is “your secret”?

SH — Secret huh? hahaha! If I tell you I will have to kill you!!(007)…Seriously though…it’s the combination of many things.1.CREATIVITY: I’m always looking for the wow factor in a DTMB event, the fear of doing just a regular thing scares me that’s why I spend a lot of time thinking outside the box. People need to escape and I’m there to give it to them. 2. AMBIANCE: ambiance is extremely important but often underestimated. It’s about understand- ing the flow of a room, knowing what and how to program the evenings entertainment. 3.CREDIBILITY: Make strong contacts and build your credibility, people talk and doors open 4.PERSISTENCE & STRONG WORK ETHIC: I always say, “you’re only good as your last event” That saying is what keeps me working hard, if you aim for the stars and only reach the moon well that is still good ‘cause your still out there.

KA — What new projects are on the burner?

SH — Always new projects on the burner, it’s what keeps me alive? I’m working on developing new hosting cities for DON’T TELL MY BOOKER. DTMB merchandising. A new denim line for early 2011. Also on the horizon restaurants, clubs and hotels…the more projects I have the hap- pier I get

KA — What is it about Montreal that seems to draw us back, even though the rewards are not close to being equal to the massive efforts?

SH — I left this city many times and for long periods of time but coming back always felt like home. Probably because things don’t change much, so you can leave for a while, come back, and always know what to expect…My only two set backs have been the cold weather and the lack of unity between French & English speaking Quebec. If both parties worked on one agenda, this city would be invincible. Montreal needs to start acting like a big city…so once again, blame it on politics.

KA — When do you take a break?

SH — I don’t …I live and breathe this stuff but no ones complaining here.

KA — When KA decided to do Best of Canada, you were an immediate choice. Does this sort of thing really make a difference to the person who receives it?

SH — Of course It does….most people who are passionate of their job never expect rewards , I know I don’t but being acknowledged sure gets appreciated…so thank you KA mag.

KA — Who is Stevie B.?

SH — Happy, passionate, inspired, determined and always ready.